We have all seen them. Websites and advertisements promising the next great “work from home” opportunity and the supposedly endless income that comes along with it. And like countless others I too have been drawn in by all the hype and have let my imagination run wild because, after all, if Mrs. Average Housewife can run a successful widget business from home why can’t I?

While it is very true that there are a lot of scams out there, both on the Internet and in the real world that promise everything and give back little or nothing in return, there are some good, legitimate, and profitable business opportunities out there too. Knowing how to separate the good from the bad is the trick.

One of the best ways to know whether or not a home business is legitimate is by doing research. Google them! Find out everything you can about the business, its owners, how long they have been around, their products/services, etc. Anything that you think you may need to know to be comfortable in your decision.

Are they listed with the Better Business Bureau and/or the Chamber of Commerce in their city? What kind of information is in these organizations’ reports? Are there other local or regional business groups you can refer to? Credit reporting agencies?

Is there a telephone number listed on their website where you can actually talk to a live person? How is this person responding to your questions? Is he/she knowledgeable and up-front with their responses? Or are they tripping over words, back tracking, and dancing around the point?

Be sure to ask for references and check them out. If this is a legitimate business they should only be too happy to share their success stories. Have a list of questions ready and be prepared. Again how they respond will tell a lot.

Above all, take your time. If at any point you feel rushed or pressured in to making a decision that may be a big red flag telling you something’s not quite right. Like the old adage says “If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t”.

3 Thoughts to “Work from Home Opportunities – Scam or Legitimate?”

  1. Another excellent post. People also need to be aware that internet scam artists are now posting ‘reviews’ of their own products in an attempt to make them look legitimate. They’ve even gone so far as to SEO their sites with the word ‘scam.’ Scrutinize what you read and where you read it with extreme attention.

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