I was recently asked what makes a good VA (Virtual Assistant) and was surprised I couldn’t provide a simple and straight-forward response. I realized quickly that so much of what makes a good VA rests on perception and circumstance, and whether you are the VA or the client.

As a VA myself I can respond with my viewpoint (in a nutshell) that a good VA will have all the necessary knowledge, skills, experience, and resources to competently offer their selected services and complete all tasks as assigned. He/She will also communicate effectively, provide excellent customer service, and manage their time wisely. They will take pride in their work and have the client’s best interests in mind, and be open to constantly shifting priorities and deadlines. But is that enough?

So, I throw this question out to my readers for their comments and discussion…. What in your opinion makes a good VA?

And while we are on the subject, what would make a not so good VA?

One Thought to “What Makes a Good VA?”

  1. I agree with you. I think a good VA is also someone who goes the extra mile and gives service that is not included in the “package” price. Someone who doesn’t mind answering the clients questions and concerns on their own dime/time.

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