An introductory telephone call to your new client is very important. It not only allows the sharing of some vital information, but also sets the stage for your future business relationship.

Before making that first call take some time to build a checklist of key points that you would like to discuss with your client, to be sure everything is covered. You may want to have a single sheet for each and every client that you can include in their file, or have one laminated that you can reuse with a dry erase marker. However you approach it, your list should be laid out in an organized fashion with some brief notes beside each point so you have an idea of what exactly you want to say.

Some of the items on your checklist may include:

  • Business hours
  • Email and telephone protocols
  • Services provided
  • Rates, including any packages offered
  • Billing and invoicing processes
  • Project management systems
  • How to submit projects

Add anything else to your list that you feel the client should know before they start to work with you. Be sure to make notes of the conversation and any special needs or instructions the client has passed on to you.

Review your checklist from time to time and make any additions or deletions necessary to ensure it is accurate and useful.

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  1. This came at exactly the right moment for me. I have a meeting next week with a new client and I was pondering what I should be talking about in regards to her needs. Thanks for this. Very helpful and full of useful tips as I have come to expect from your posts!

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