A Welcome Package can be used to introduce your company, your services, and outline your policies and procedures to your new clients.  It is something that is completely optional, but is a great way to “get your foot in the door’ and expand on that great first impression you already made.

Some of the items that could be included:

  • A personalized welcome message.
  • Biography on you and your company.
  • Samples of contracts you may use.
  • Questionnaires to get to know your client better and to determine services required.
  • Information about you and your team.
  • Services offered and plans.
  • Payment terms and methods.
  • Policies and procedures.
  • Contact information.

Your Welcome Package doesn’t need to be big or elaborate either, and can be tailored to your own personal style and skill set, as well as the individual client.  In some cases you may find sending the information in a simple email using one of the many stationaries available is suitable for a particular client.  On other ocassions creating an ebook or brochure complete with cover page and table of contents may be more in line with their expectations.  And what a great way to showcase your talents too.

However you approach it take the time to thoroughly read all the conent to ensure everything has been included and it is error free.  Invite your client to ask questions so that everything is clear on both sides from the beginning.

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  1. Another great idea that I’m already doing however you included a couple of things I hadn’t thought of. The questionaire is a great way to learn exactly what the client expects of you. Thanks for sharing.

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