All resources have a direct relationship between supply and demand. Time has the same relationship. But where some resources can be replenished, time cannot. It is non-renewable.

Think about it. When we seem to have an overabundance of time on our hands we waste it. We sit idle, watch TV, play games, or whatever. The minutes and hours tick by hardly noticed. And then all of a sudden there is something important or urgent to take care of, or something we forgot to do, and we feel like there just isn’t enough time to get it done. Sound familiar?

Now of course everyone needs some down time here and there to be idle, to watch TV, play games, or whatever the past time. But at the same time we need to keep in mind what has to be done in our day and remember there are only so many minutes and hours in that day for those tasks. Once those minutes and hours are gone, we can’t get them back.

Changing our perspective about time and recognizing it is not always in abundance is a first step to effectively managing this very valuable resource. This is true in business and our personal lives. Every second counts. Every minute counts. Every hour counts.

How are you going to use your non-renewable resource today?

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