Your skills inventory may be the biggest asset you bring to your business. These factor greatly in to identifying what services you would feel comfortable offering your clients right away, and what services you may want to offer in the future.

Consider the skills and knowledge you already have (what you know fairly well and what you are good at), as well as the skills and knowledge you need, would like to improve upon, or acquire. Think about how they would fall in to main Categories such as: Technology (eg. MS Word); Knowledge (eg. Accounting); and Soft Skills (eg. Organization).

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • What skills do I already have?


  • How do these skills fit in with the services I want to offer now and in to the future?


  • What services would I like to offer in the future?


  • What skills or knowledge would I need to offer these services?

By looking at the answers to these questions you should be able to easily see your current and future potential!

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