We have been conditioned that the grand prize is the only acceptable outcome. The only thing worthy of our efforts and attention. But by keeping our eyes only on that grand prize we miss out on enjoying the small victories that come along. These are as equally important to our success. When we take a trip we try to appreciate all the new experiences we have along the way to our final destination. So why should it be any different in our business venture.

That small victory could be anything. Exceeding the expected profit margin on a job. Bringing on a new client found through a referral. Finding a product or strategy that we didn’t consider before. The list is endless. No matter what the victory is, it counts toward and brings us closer to the bigger picture. The grand prize.

Appreciating these small victories is motivating too. It allows us to see the steps that we have taken in our journey to success and gives us a sense of accomplishment.

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