Everyone has areas they excel in and other areas where they have to work just a little harder to achieve success. It is true whether we are looking at business, relationships, or life in general. Knowing your strengths helps you build a buffer zone to compensate for what you may lack. Knowing your weaknesses provides an opportunity to learn, improve and grow.

Think about 3 (or more) strengths you could bring to the virtual assistance industry and to your business. Maybe you are highly organized (Soft Skill), or have a flair for web design (Technology), or you are a real “people person”. These strengths could be absolutely anything that may help you stand out from other VA’s and freelancers. Embrace them and highlight them in your marketing, on your website or when talking with potential clients.

Now no one likes to think or talk about their weaknesses.  But it is very important to know and recognize them. Consider maybe 2 or 3 weaknesses to start with that may stall or hinder you in the virtual assistance industry or in your business. Perhaps you have poor time management, or are easily distracted and thrown off track, or have trouble juggling multiple priorities. As you look each of these, realize that it is only a weakness if you let it be, and that it can be changed with some effort. Pick one at a time and look at what you need to do to overcome it and turn it around.

Once you know what your strengths and your weaknesses are,  use your strengths in every way possible to overshadow your weaknesses.

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