It is extremely important to your success as a business person that you conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. This includes knowing how to deal with any crises or difficult situations that may arise.

While being in business for yourself can be liberating, it also means that you are the person who is ultimately responsible for everything, including conflict resolution. Recognizing that conflicts happen in every business from time to time is one thing, but ensuring you remain calm, cool and collected, act appropriately, and handle the situation professionally is the key. This takes some practice, patience, and a lot of self-control.

Keep in mind at all times that business interactions are not personal, and that personality conflicts and differences of opinion do happen. Should a client make you upset or angry, refrain from engaging in any confrontation. Allow yourself a cool down period of at least 24 hours before responding, so you approach the situation with a clearer frame of mind and maintain your professionalism and integrity.

It is fine to defend your systems and uphold your preferences, policies and procedures. After all this is your business. But always maintain a level head. If you do however encounter a client that really is a big problem, don’t be afraid to part ways. It is probably better for both of you. Just try to make it as amicable as possible, and again professional.

2 Thoughts to “Professional Conduct”

  1. Great post Deborah. I especially like the point about the cool down period. Too often situations become more heated because people respond off the cuff instead of giving it some time and thinking over everything that has happened. Business is not personal and should never be taken that way. This is one I’m definitely sharing!

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