Obviously, the way you approach finding a freelancer is going to depend, in part, on whether you’re seeking a local freelancer, a remote freelancer (or perhaps either one).
So let’s have a look at five of the most popular ways to find these freelancers…

  • Post projects on freelancing sites
    One of the most well-known freelancing sites is Elance.com, but there are others. And some of them are better for certain types of tasks (like programming and other technical tasks). How it works is you post a project, your prospective freelancers bid on the project and then you select one vendor from among the applicants.
  • Post advertisements
    You can post advertisements both online and offline, such as in your local newspaper and on CraigsList.org. You can also post flyers around your local area.
  • Browse advertisements
    Yet another way to uncover prospective freelancers is to read their advertisements.
  • Search Google
    Whether you’re looking for a remote or local freelancer, Google can help you uncover dozens of suitable candidates. Run your search and then check out both the regular search results as well as the sponsored (paid) results that appear at the top of the natural results as well as on the right side of your screen.
  • Ask around
    Finally, if you have trusted business colleagues who’re outsourcing, then you’ll want to ask for their recommendations.

These are just a few of the most popular methods.
The key to your success is to cast a wide net, thereby attracting as many suitable candidates as possible. The reason you want such a big list of prospective freelancers is because once you start doing your due diligence and research, this list is going to get whittled down fairly quickly.
You’ll learn how to do that next.
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