Everything that you do in your business is going to take up some of your time. It’s the plain and simple truth. No getting around it. It’s so easy to get bogged down with the insignificant things that pop up, leaving little time for the significant, like actually doing business.
The key to all of it is to use your time wisely. Set a timeline and stick to it. In other words PLAN YOUR TIME!
Some of the best ways to Plan Your Time:
Make a list
Itemize all the things you can think of that need to get done.
Rearrange/rewrite the list in priority sequence.
Set a timeline
Add a date (and perhaps time) beside each item on the list that you will begin working on it. Adding a completion date and time may be helpful too.
Commit yourself and your time to each item on the list as you have set out in the timeline.
It’s important to be realistic about the length of time it will take to do each task on your list, and that interruptions are bound to happen. Allow ample time to complete the work without overextending yourself. Remember to take a break here and there to clear your mind and refresh yourself. The list needs to be completed of course, but you also want to stay on track and turn out quality work.

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