Just like any passionate relationship, you need to love your business.  That love gives you the energy and passion to keep your attitude positive and optimistic.  There are many factors that contribute to the success of a business.  But attitude is by far the most important.  Your attitude can carry you through many challenges.
Optimism is part of the positive attitude – your ability to see the real possibilities in what you are building and creating.  Of course, you can see the magic in mistakes and the silver lining in challenges, but you consistently see possibilities. Sometimes you realize that that what you see as possible is in the best interest of the business, but perhaps not your ideal idea. For example< social networking, you know will help you in building your business, but you are not really keen on setting up your profiles, and maintaining the contacts.  But, on the other hand, if it IS going to increase your sales, then you need to do it!
It’s your passion shining through, guiding you to make the hard decisions and do activities that aren’t your first choice. Let’s face, you love what you do, and you love your business.
At the core, you went into business to change – your life, your family’s life, or perhaps even the world.  That core affects your attitude towards your business. This core purpose is a part of your decision making process when business isn’t going well and you have to decide whether to stay the course or throw in the towel.
When you have that solid positive attitude and positive optimism you are more likely to stay the course, and keep your business running.  In the current economic climate, this is even more challenging for many.  But at the same time, many of those that are staying the course, are creatively building their business.
I’m sure you’ve heard that love is contagious, even infectious; and it’s true in business too. With a positive attitude, you find motivation, inspiration and ongoing source of energy.  It also will “rub off” on your clients, your employees and those you engage with through your business.
Being positive with staff increases their motivation to do their job and do it well.  When staffs receive positive feedback and feel appreciated for what they do will work harder to help you realize your vision.  Communicating effectively with staff is vital.  Let them in on your vision, the big vision and your plan.  Get their input, ideas, and value all that they do for your business.  They have valuable ideas about your business, and when you value them, they will share more with you about each of those ideas.  It creates a win-win.  Your business wins, and they win, as they are valued part of the success formula.
Employee appreciation doesn’t mean more money.  While money is appreciated, there are many ways to show appreciation: recognition, awards, and even as simple as “Thanks, job well done” can all go along way.  In fact, if the rewards or the appreciation is always monetary, you set up an expectation that perhaps you can’t always fulfill. Notes, emails and other gestures of appreciation can each do the job. The goal is to show your staff you value and appreciate them.
Your love of your business helps you to stay on track in many ways.  It can mean that you won’t deviate from your path.  You will keep your core purpose, vision and your passion will guide your decisions, avoiding the short term solutions that damage your long term vision.
Being optimistic and having a positive outlook doesn’t mean that you are viewing the world through rose colored glasses.  It means that you have a strong passion, that gives you and your staff energy and enthusiasm to persevere.

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