All businesses have certain tasks and activities that must be accomplished on a regular basis in order for the business to continue to run and function: telephone calls; emails; filing; bookkeeping; documents; etc. etc., etc. Every one of these tasks and activities do nothing to generate profit for the business, although they are essential for the business. This is “busy work”.

Larger businesses employ people to handle all this “busy work”. However as a small business owner, entrepreneur, or freelance professional, hiring part time or full time employees is not always necessary or feasible. So what to do?

Outsource all this “busy work”!!

Hire a Virtual Assistant or a Freelance Administrative Professional, someone who makes it his/her business to handle the day to day tasks of other people’s businesses. Let him/her take care of the telephone calls, email management, filing, bookkeeping, document preparation, and the like; all the things that keep you busy and away from actually running your business.

What about your website? It needs tweaking, updating and maintaining too on a regular basis. Definitely more “busy work”.  Why spend your precious time on it? There are so many freelance web designers and other techies out there that are reasonably priced and can take care of it for you. A lot of Virtual Assistants and Freelance Administrative Professionals offer these services too!

Blogging is another example of “busy work”, but a necessity in the cyber world we all live in. Professional bloggers are plentiful and for a small fee will ensure you always have up to date content posted to your blog. Again, a lot of Virtual Assistants and Freelance Administrative Professionals offer this service as well!

Customer service, bulk mailings, calendar management, appointment scheduling, travel arrangements. More “busy work”. Yes, many Assistants and Freelance Administrative Professionals also provide these services.

So why spend another minute on your “busy work”? Outsource it!

Contact us today and lets get started on developing your work plan.

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