It’s no secret. Most employees, and probably yourself included (admit it), don’t like their boss. After all, no one wants to be told what to do every day, be accused of something they didn’t do, or disciplined for a mistake that was made.

The reasons for not liking your boss are vast and sometimes very personal, but in the end the blame for employees not enjoying or not being satisfied with their jobs is more often than not laid at the feet of the boss.

It may be why many would-be entrepreneurs quit their jobs and start their own business. In fact, one of the main selling points to owning and running your own business is the fact that you will not have to work for anyone anymore. You won’t have a boss to answer to. Right? BEEP. Wrong answer. Thanks for playing.

In reality, as a one-man or one-woman operation, you as the owner are the boss. Aside from a few works you may outsource or delegate to someone else, it is ultimately your responsibility to see that everything in your business is running smoothly and functioning properly.

There are schedules to be set up, goals to meet, customers to take care of, finances to manage, etc., etc., all part of the workload any boss must take care of. In other words, you have to do everything and anything required for your business by yourself.

Being the boss is not just about telling people what to do and when to do it. It also means handling responsibilities that determine if the business fails or succeeds. Making decisions, solving problems, and settling disputes as they arise. The job of a boss is full, dynamic, and ever changing.

So before you run off and quit that job in favour of starting your own business and not having a boss to answer to, think again. Honestly assess your ability to be the boss, your boss, and to handle the enormous responsibility of a business.

Having a slacker for a boss is certainly not a good thing. No work will ever be done which is just plain bad for business. And if you think that slacker boss would be your style, you are much better off keeping your day job and learning how to better get along with your boss.

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