What you name your business deserves some very careful thought and consideration since it is not only a reflection of your company, but of you as an individual as well. It should let people know a little something about you and your business even before they visit your website, read about your services, or have any communication with you.

A few key things to keep in mind:

  • Try not to be too specific about what your business does in your business name, unless of course you intend on only ever offering one service or set of services.
  • Exercise caution when thinking about using your own name (first or last) as part of your business name, as this can also cause you to be “boxed in” later.
  • Let your creative side shine through.  That unusual or different twist in your business name may make you just that much more memorable.

When you have an idea for your business name, or even two, get some input from family and friends. Give consideration as well to how it flows on the tongue and what it looks like on paper. Make sure it doesn’t look or sound inappropriate in any way. The same goes for any shortened versions you may want to use.

If you are required by local laws to register your business, run a title search to make sure the identical name isn’t already in use, and then when you are ready register it.

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