Marketing your business is a must, as it’s the only way you are going to gain exposure and ensure you have new clients coming in. Although internet or online marketing will most likely be your primary marketing method, it is important to have a good understanding of all methods.

Join a social network such as Facebook, or connect with other like minded business people and create a networking group.

Forums and message boards
Share information and seek out potential clients. This free advertising tool captures the attention of not only your market but others in your industry.

Press release
Write a newsworthy story about your business, and submit it to various media such as radio, newspapers, magazines, television, etc. If your story is important or interesting enough, it may be published.

List your business in various online directories. A great way to gain exposure.

Post comments, tips, information and articles to your blog, or details on a project you are working on or just completed.

Newsletters and e-zines
Promote your business by keeping your clients and prospective clients in the know about what is going on with you and your business. Share tips and other useful information; advertise specials, promotions or events; and make announcements.

Build a list
Collect names and email addresses of your website visitors like a mailing list.  This gives you a captive audience to market your products and services to over and over.

Publish an article
Write an article on a certain topic and submit it to the multitude of article submission sites on the internet. Instantly your message and content are delivered to people all over the world who are looking for what you have to “sell”.

These are only some of the ways you can get your business noticed. Some may work for your business and some may not. The important thing is to try them out and keep track of which method gives you the best results.

Do you have a great marketing tool for your business that works? Please share.

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