When you are starting up a home-based business, regardless of what that business may be, it’s so easy to ignore the alarm clock, get up whenever you want, and linger over that third cup of coffee before getting to work. After all, you are your own boss, and you should be able to keep the hours that you want, right? Not necessarily.
While it is true that you are your own boss, and you do deserve some flexibility that comes with the perk, the bottom line is you still have people (your customers) who depend on you.

The best thing to do when you are setting up your home-based business is to pick a schedule and stick to it. This is not only good business practice, but will also help keep your customers because they will know when they can reach you.

As you plan out your business hours, decide on a suitable starting time and a closing time, as well as when you will take your lunch and any other breaks you feel you will need. Try to keep all breaks within a reasonable time frame that would be similar to those offered in a regular office setting. You may not have a time clock to punch but you do have customers that are expecting you to be available during the hours that you have set.

Be ready in your workspace to start your business day at the hour you have set. And stick to your closing time too. When business hours are done for the day pack up and “go home”. Try to avoid returning to your office to check emails and tend to other matters. Just like working in a regular office, these things can wait until tomorrow.

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