Guest post by Darla Mittler, CEO of Darla Mittler Document Magic.
Recently a friend was attending an event on Facebook that caught my eye. When I read the details I was amazed! Facebook had made a change without telling anyone and to top it off they were not passing the information on to everyone in a normal way.

Once I started reading I realized that this was something that should be shared. You may not even have realized that you were not getting updates from all of your friends. Lets face it, it’s easy to lose track of people when you don’t see them for a while. And what if you didn’t receive this information? You may have lost access to friends that you want to keep up with. Luckily they included the information to fix the problem.

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So I followed their instructions and bam all my updates were back again. Of course I told my friends about it and relaxed. Then lo and behold I read an article on LinkedIn Today from Business Insider that sent me scrambling for my controls again!

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How often do you think about what social media platforms are doing with your profile information? Until recently I never thought about it at all. That has changed. From now on I will be checking my social media account settings at least once a month to make sure that I know exactly what is going on. It’s bad enough being used but it’s worse to be used and not even know about it. If you found this has happened to you you’re not alone. Tell your friends. We have to look out for each other.
Darla Mittler
President & CEO, Darla Mittler Document Magic
Darla Mittler Document Magic
Darla Mittler is President & CEO of Darla Mittler Document Magic. With a personal library of well over 1,000 physical books, over half a decade as a Mass Media Buyer for a major bookstore chain, and insights into e-publishing, Darla is ready to help authors bring their works to market.

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