Specialized internet skills are specific to the internet and help a business run or perform a function online. These would include such things as email management systems, shopping carts, and web design as examples.

The following is a list of some of these skills.

ConstantContact – web-based email marketing system for setting up and distributing mass emails and newsletters.

Aweber – web-based email marketing system, similar to Constant Contact.

GetResponse – web-based email management system, similar to Constant Contact and Aweber.

1ShoppingCart – all-inclusive web-based shopping cart and email management system.

PayPal – secure environment for sending and receiving payments.

Dreamweaver – used to create and update websites and web pages.

FrontPage – used for creating and updating websites, similar to Dreamweaver.

WordPress – web-based, open-source blogging platform which can also create full websites.

FTP – used to transfer website pages and other files from your local hard drive onto a website.

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