As an online business owner you know that to be successful you must drive the right kind of traffic to your website, the type of people who will be interested in whatever you are offering; your target market.

Of course you do the usual and advertise your products or services everywhere and anywhere across the internet. You have a website, carry out email campaigns, publish articles, use banners, offer affiliate programs, etc., whatever it takes to get the word out. But did you know that blogging can be another great tool in your marketing arsenal?

Millions upon millions of people all over the world are logging on to the internet every day, and a vast majority of them flock to blogging sites. Why not take advantage of this and market your products or services on one of the many free blogging platforms that are available, or better yet add a blog to your own website.

Before you get started though, keep in mind always that your blog should be more of a communication or sharing experience than a sales pitch. Yes the idea of your blog is to market your wares, but the trick is not to make it look that way. You will capture and hold the interest of your reader better and longer if you are talking about your product or service from the customer’s perspective.

Write your blog like you are a customer who is completely satisfied with whatever it is you are offering and wants to tell others about it. (If you truly believe in your product or service this should be pretty easy to do.) Use words and phrases that create excitement and try to answer all the questions a potential customer may have. The object is to build the reader’s interest in your product or service as they read so by the time they are finished they want to buy. At this point you may want to include a link to your products page with something like “check it out for yourself”.

Additional blog posts will only improve your chances of making a sale. Invite feedback too from your actual satisfied customers as these comments and testimonials are invaluable.

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