Whatever you are hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to do, and regardless what you are paying them to do the job, there are still financial benefits to be realized and enjoyed.

Consider this, when you hire an employee you need a physical place for them to do the work. A desk, chair, supplies, and various other pieces of equipment and technology would be required too. Then there is sick pay, vacation pay, employment insurance, worker’s compensation, and whatever other benefits you choose to offer. Not to mention training time and down time that you are still paying for, and your time being in the office to supervise. Overhead you can do without.

When you contract those same tasks out to a Virtual Assistant, you do not need to provide them with a place to work, as they work from their own place of business, usually their home office. The desk, chairs, supplies, equipment and technology are not your responsibility either. You pay only for the hours worked, or time spent on a project, and not on sick pay, vacation pay, employment insurance, worker’s compensation, or other benefits. No money is wasted on training and down time, and you aren’t tied to the office supervising an employee. Instead you are concentrating on working your business and making money.

Aside from the above, think about how you make your money and what you can contract out to not only save money but help make it too.

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