Creating and developing good and solid business relationships is an important aspect of building a successful enterprise. Working hard to build these relationships is worth every minute of the time that you invest in it, and relationship building should be one of your top priorities.

So how does one go about forming business relationships? Well, it’s really not that different than forming social relationships.

When you start to build social relationships, you insert yourself into social situations where you may come in contact with people who have interests that are similar to or complimentary to your own. These social functions may be something as simple as a casual dinner at a friend’s house, going to the gym, taking a class, or maybe even attending a party.

Business relationships are established in much the same way. You insert yourself into business situations where you may meet others who have businesses that are similar to or complimentary to your own. Trade shows, business development seminars, and networking events are some of these business situations.

In both of these situations, conversations take place, information is shared, names and numbers are exchanged, and relationships emerge. And in the same fashion, they develop, grow, and change over time.

Just like your social relationships, your business relationships need attention and nurturing to keep them fresh and alive. Make the time and effort to stay in contact with the people you meet that are important to you and your business, and likewise don’t be afraid to cut those loose that are of no benefit to you.

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