A target market is the people or group of people you plan to market your services to. The idea is that the more specific you are, the more successful you will be, since you can then target your services and marketing efforts to only one group of people. And although a lot of VA’s don’t target a specific market, as the industry becomes more and more saturated with VA’s it’s going to become more important to choose a target market.

Ideal client
Take a few minutes and think about what you may want your target market to be, and what your ideal client would be like. Perhaps write a detailed description of that person, and be as specific as possible. Describe everything about that person from whether it may be a man or a woman, their age group, profession, personality traits, special talents, etc.

After you identify your ideal client, everything you do from now on will be designed to make that person want to buy your services. Tailor your website copy and other promotional materials as if you are speaking directly to that person. Be as personal and specific as you can, and give them the feeling that you are really talking to them.

What industry do you want to target? Industries could include fashion, beauty, info-products, health, fitness, marketing, etc. Is there any specific industry you wish to service? Some people target finance, while others may target law or real estate for example. Research some that may be of interest to you. Once you know what that it is you can start building your marketing plan geared to that industry.

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