You’ve started a blog and are excited to get writing.  But, you can’t think of anything to blog about!  Relax. This is a very common issue for a new blogger who doesn’t yet have the experience, intuition, and following of a more experienced blogger.  It will get easier with each new blog you write.

As you look for topics for those first few blogs, here are seven great tips to guide you:

Blog Your Experiences
Write about what you know or what you have experienced.  Think of any relevant experiences you may have had that you would like to share with your readers.  Who knows about this better than you!  Or write about some special knowledge or talent you may have that will add value to your blog.

Blog a Case Study
This is similar to blogging about your experiences but now you can get your readers involved too.  Choose a subject you would like to do a case study on and announce it in your blog.  Over a period of time add updates about your study to your blog so that your new readers can follow along and learn.  Invite comments and feedback for discussion.

Interview Experts
Including expert input to your blog is a great way to add experience and other elements you may not have.  It doesn’t much matter how you present the interviews: written, audio or video, your new readers will love the different opinions and ideas all in one spot.

Visit Related Forums
People gather in all kinds of forums to ask questions and share information.  Search for relevant forums to find exciting and interesting questions and topics that you can then talk about in your blog.

Visit Expert Blogs
Visit the blogs of other experts in your field and see what they’re blogging about.  Take particular note of the topics that get a lot of comments or trackbacks (links).  Look at ways you can incorporate those or similar topics in to your blog.

Ask Your Market
One great way to find out what people want to know is to just ask them.  Try sending out a survey to your email list.  Post the subject and poll results on your blog.  Or ask people who you already know in your target market their opinion on a particular topic and blog about their responses.

Check or similar sites
There is likely a dozen or more books on any given topic at or other similar sites.  Most of the books let you peek inside at the table of contents.  Use the table of contents to give you topic ideas and you’re sure to pick a winner!

Over time you will get more used to writing for your blog.  You will get to know your readers better, gain a following, and topic ideas will flow much more freely.  For now though, keep these seven idea tips handy and you’re sure to always have something to write about.

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