The internet has sure made the world a smaller place. People from all over the world and from all walks of life can now communicate and interact with each other 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have online forums and chat rooms, instant messaging, social networking sites, and of course blogs. But did you know that your simple blog can bring you fame, and maybe a little fortune if you are good at it and know how to reach out to people who may need what you have to offer?

Blogging was originally created as an online journal or diary for people to express themselves to other people they knew over the internet. And although its basic concept really hasn’t changed much, blogging is now a more public than private experience, and has definitely expanded to one of the most popular ways people interact with each other. Businesses and organizations too have adopted blogging as part of their sales and marketing strategies, and a way to keep their customers “in the know”.

So how can you use blogging to gain some fame, and maybe some fortune?

First of all you need a place to blog; either a website or an account on one of the free blogging platforms that are available, such as Blogger. (If you are choosing to use a free blogging platform make sure you carefully read all their terms and conditions to ensure you aren’t violating any of their rules if your intention is to gain some profit from your blogs.)

Next, you have to remember that blogging is all about writing, and every time you write a post you are kind of telling a story. Perhaps you want to talk about your life experiences, the things you are passionate about, or share a favourite recipe. Whatever you chose to blog about it should not only be of interest to your targeted readers, but also leave you wanting to write more.

A key to writing a good blog, as with any written material, is to capture the reader’s attention in the first sentence or two. But you can’t stop there. The rest of the post has to keep that attention. Try to stay on topic and not bounce from one idea or subject to another. The content should be consistent and relevant.

It is important to blog often too and provide your readers with fresh posts to read. You want them to return to your blog time and time again to see what you have to say, and recommend it to others too. Word of mouth is powerful advertising.

To move things along a little quicker, you can also try posting your blogs in forums, on social media sites, and perhaps turn them in to articles to be posted on article publishing websites. Don’t forget to include a little blurb about yourself and a link back to where the original blog is posted.

Gradually you will gain some loyal readers, and some fame.

Once this happens, and depending on the subject matter of your blogs, you may consider becoming an affiliate marketer, advertising and selling various products and services for other companies. Basically you would be like a sales rep, earning commissions on every sale, and all you have to do is continue to blog and include the affiliate links these companies set up for you in them. (Caveat: This is really over simplified. Research affiliate marketing and what it entails to ensure it is right for you.) Affiliate marketing does take some effort and results vary, but hopefully in time you will gain some fortune.

You can also use your blog to advertise and sell actual merchandise. These could be items you make yourself, purchase from other vendors for resale, or again where you are a sales agent. Whatever the product, it is a good idea to make sure it fits in with the tone and subject of your blog, and even better if it is something you use yourself because your excitement will carry over in to your writing and help generate more sales.

Info products are also big and in demand. Create an e-book or e-course that you can sell through your blog. Pick a subject you know well and write about it. (There are also many sites out there that offer these products premade and ready for resale.) Start talking about your info product on your blog before it is even finished to build anticipation. And when it is ready for market, capture interest by including snippets or highlights in your blog. You will be making sales in no time.

Now you know how your simple blog can bring you fame, and maybe a little fortune.

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