As we go through life, there are many obstacles that we need to overcome before we can finally enjoy the success we worked so hard to achieve. Some of these obstacles we put there ourselves, and others are put there for us. Regardless of their origin, they all can get in the way of finding our true passion and purpose.

When we are young, pursuing higher education, building a career, and raising a family often take center stage. We tend to stay on a “safe” path, grabbing only the opportunities that are presented to us, and making a living. Our mindset dictates that we have to succeed no matter what, and prove ourselves to the world. We ignore the inner longings inside. After all, once we have finished our education, attained the position we wanted, and our families are raised, there will be plenty of time to dabble in whatever it is that we have buried.

Once we get there though, we are usually too comfortable and quite settled in the life we have already built, and fearful that we will lose it all on something we have no idea what the outcome would be. So again we ignore those inner longings and carry on, even when we feel stuck or dragged down, and we are not doing what we really want to do. We forget the promise we made to ourselves when we were young.

But that promise is important. We owe it to ourselves to search out and discover our true passion and achieve it, no matter where we are in our life. We just have to put our heart and mind to it, and set aside the time to make it happen.

No one is ever too young or too old to go where they really want to go. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to pursuing what will make you feel complete.

Remember, if we surrender to fear, we will never know what could have happened if only we had allowed ourselves to take that risk in order to attain what our heart wants us to.

It is better to look back at our achievements with fulfillment in our hearts, than what we didn’t do with the pain of regret.

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