I am the President & CEO of AVA Business Services, and have to my credit more than 25 years of varied and progressive experience in all areas of office management and administration.

I embrace technology: WordPress being one of the platforms with which I have been working since 2006. A perpetual student I am continually learning and upgrading my skills.

On top of my administrative and business experience, I have a flair for organization and enjoy planning events such as birthday parties, showers, weddings, etc. I am someone who thinks outside of the box, tends to be a perfectionist, and has a great eye for detail.

Recognizing the need for diverse skills and flexibility in the growing and ever changing global marketplace, I left the corporate world to launch AVA Business Services. Changing ‘working for’ to ‘working with’ allows a greater contribution to success and growth.

I am living my dream, just like you, of business ownership and want to make both businesses successful.